Cem Sagar and his Team Believe in Nigerian Youths

Cem Sagar and his Team Believe in Nigerian Youths

By Princess Chinecherem Efobi

At the September 15-18 Abuja Football Scouting Program, Cem Sagar, a FIFA agent came along with his team made up of Brian Paramore, Carlos Ferreira and others to pick talented young Nigerian footballers to Europe.

Addressing the players severally, the foreign scouts made it clear to the players that they trusted their abilities. Their motivational talks and clear sense of direction impacted positively on the players. The players felt appreciated, and were impressed with the relational attitude of the scouts and agents.

All through the program, I was sitting very close to the expatriate team and was amazed at how free they were with everybody. Everything given to them, they shared with all present including their Police Orderlies and the Media. People walked freely at their back, front and sides. They felt very free as against the obvious behaviours of our elite.

Despite being Directors in their various capacities in their countries, and hearing much negative news about Nigeria, the agents still believed in our youths. They were impressed with the performances of the young lads and their commitment levels, and promised to further on those positive variables. I wished our leaders would emulate these expatriates and their Nigerian partners by using our youths for honourable than illicit purposes.

Youths are challenged by opportunities. Last week, I appreciated DOSAD Director Fr Obinna Dike for his vision for youths. I appreciate all those individuals, corporate bodies and institutions that provide genuine platforms for youth development. Our students need such opportunities in and out of school. Thanks once more to all those who packaged the scouting program at Abuja.

Cem Sagar is a FIFA agent as well as the Director Diamond Sports Management United Kingdom. Brian Paramore is also a FIFA agent and Director Diamond Sports Management Belgium. Carlos Ferreira is equally a FIFA agent from Portugal and others. Bringing them were also Nwankwo Chukwuma Emmanuel, CEO, Diamond-EAMAX Pro Stars Scouting West & Central Africa; Chumtan Bobby Kingsley and David Amanyi of Kings Football Management.

A good number of players were selected for various deals across Europe.

Addressing and motivating the young players at Abuja. R-L; Chuks Nwankwo, Brian Paramore, Cem Sagar and Carlos Ferreira

R-L; Princess DOSAD, Cem Sagar, DOSAD Ebuka and Carlos Ferreira at Abuja. We believe in our youths.

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